DME is the organic compound with physical characteristics that are similar to LPG. It is technically treated and handled as LPG. LPG is an octane fuel but DME is a cetane fuel. It is the perfect solution to replace diesel fuel. When combusted, DME produces minimal NOx and CO.  DME can act as a clean fuel when burned in engines properly optimized for DME and does not contain any sulfur, carbon or particulate.

ENSIDA Energy Research and Development is currently developing DME as a viable alternative to diesel fuel. The use DME alternative to dieselof DME is a proven science that we continue to explore. We continue to exploit the potential of DME to its fullest. DME as a diesel alternative is trailing LPG in its development but our research and development has rendered outstanding promise. 


Currently our open DME projects include…

1. Developing the next generation high pressure pump necessary for diesel engines to efficiently operate using DME.

2. Developing a Common Rail Injection system specifically designed to manage DME injection.

3. Development of an Electronic Control Unit and the associated control map necessary to manage a DME fuel system.

ENSIDA Energy Research and Development is dedicated to the furtherance of alternative fuel solutions for the betterment of our world. We strive for cleaner emissions and better efficiency to benefit the environment and human kind as well. Our systems and solutions save money, create jobs, provide a cleaner path to the future and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

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