2012 Honda Civic Natural GasThe United States is almost exclusively a fossil fueled country. Although technology rich, the USA distantly trails the rest of the world in understanding, accepting and developing alternative fuel solutions. 

A couple reasons the USA is behind the rest of the world in alternative clean fuel technology applications are…

1. In the late 1970′s and 80′s, early versions of alternative fuel systems were brought to market before the technology was ready, tainting the public perception of alternative fuel system reliability.

2. The American public as a whole has never been exposed to alternative fuel technology as has the rest of the world. In South America or Europe, alternatively fueled vehicles are commonplace. Almost unanimously, people born in the United States have never driven or even seen an alternatively fueled vehicle.

Natural Gas Filling StationThe experience of driving our alternatively fueled vehicles is quite unremarkable. When you switch from gasoline to the alternative fuel, there is no studder or skip in the engine. There is no change in rpm or power. The vehicle drives and feels as it always has. The only differences are a small light on the dashboard that indicates the car is running on the alternative fuel, and the fact that you are saving money and the environment.

The continual improvement of existing hardware and software is a necessary and ongoing process. We are constantly striving to increase the performance of our systems. Although our systems and components already provide very reliable and safe operation, the science of managing new technology inherently provides room for improvement.


ENSIDA Energy Research and Development is dedicated to the furtherance of Alternative Fuel Solutions for the betterment of our world. We promise to strive for clNatural Gas is Good for the Eartheaner emissions and better efficiency to benefit the environment and human kind as well. Our systems and solutions save money, create jobs, provide a cleaner path to the future and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.


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