Ensida Energy Partners with Great CompaniesWhen Ensida Energy Corporation was founded in 2010, one of the first priorities was to research and partner with a desirable alternative fuel system manufacturer that possessed detailed know how and deep experience with LPG and CNG conversion systems. 

In order to steer our Company in the right direction to make this strategic and very important choice, we carefully considered many qualified candidate manufacturers of alternative fuel systems. A system manufacturer suited to meet the specific requirements of the US market and the SAE / ISO OBDII protocol.

After exhaustive research; one company would shine above the rest… 

Ensida Energy

Baldi & Govoni, a company with 40 years experience in alternative energy applications, played an important part in the search for a worthy alternative fuel system manufacturer.

Baldi & Govoni was founded by Franco Govoni in Bologna, Italy…the epicenter of alternative fuel Baldi & Govoniconversion technology. Mr. Govoni possesses unequalled know how on matters of alternative fuel conversion systems and technologies. He was the one to direct our attention to the alternative energy systems manufacturer, ENSIDA.

With technical and logistic support coming from Baldi & Govoni in the European arena, and EuroAmerican Engineering supporting the Americas, these companies are touching many people’s lives in very positive ways. 

Baldi & Govoni will also work in collaboration with EuroAmerican Engineering to develop new and innovative systems and technologies, particularly for LNG and DME fuels. Another high priority matter is the development of a reliable and easy to install alternative fuel system for diesel trucks.  

The possibility of a direct co-partnership between ENSIDA Energy Corporation and Baldi & Govoni is under currently under evaluation.  We proudly thank Baldi & Govoni for their constant support and collaboration.

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