Then place values in the darker colored boxes below
Capital Costs Gasoline Propane Savings or (Cost)
Base Vehicle Purchase Price $
Ensida Energy Fuel System Price
Federal Alternative Motor Vehicle Tax Credit (propane only)
Investment to Convert
Operating Costs (fuel)
Total Vehicle Life (miles)
Average Miles per Gallon *
Gallons of Fuel Used Over Life of Vehicle
Fuel Price (per gallon) ** $ $
+ Federal excise tax credit/gallon (propane only)
+ Adjusted Fuel Price (per gallon)
Fuel Consumption Over Life of Vehicle:
Operating Costs (misc.)
Maintenance Rate per mile (tune-ups, oil, engine life, etc.)***
Maintenance Costs
Fuel Loss from Pilferage & Theft $
Misc. Over Life of Vehicle:
Vehicle Lifetime Savings   
Net Vehicle Lifetime Savings or Cost